Foremost, bookkeeping serves two purposes: 

1) to enable the IRS to evaluate your operations

2) to help manage your business for efficiency and growth

Proper bookkeeping practices are important to the operation and survival of your business. Without these, your business is susceptible to not only cash flow issues, but potential legal problems as well. Waltman Accounting can help you maintain easily understandable and accurate records, enabling sound financial decisions and keeping your business in proper order for the IRS.  We help to keep your business records in order freeing you to focus on the business opportunities that make you profitable.


These Include:

Revenues and Expenses. This is the money that is going out of your business, where it is going, and the money coming in. We will keep a ledger of all these details.

Cash Expenditures. It is important to keep track of your petty cash and any cash expenditures.

Accounts Receivable and Payable. We help you to keep track of who owes you money and what debts you owe to order. Accurate records are very important.

Employees. Our payroll service provides you with skilled, professional service to make certain nothing is missed. It doesn’t matter if you hire one or one hundred, there is the same paperwork regardless.

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